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GTT operates a dedicated and fully equipped workshop in the Cambridge area, specializing in comprehensive mechanical servicing and repairs. Our approach involves utilizing hoists to lift all heavy-duty trucks, employing hydraulic column lifters instead of traditional pits.


Prior to ordering and installing any new parts not readily available in our shop, we always seek your consent, ensuring transparency and collaboration in every step of the process.

At GTT, we are your one-stop-shop for diesel mechanical services and engine reconditioning.


Our diverse range of services includes


Certificate of Fitness (COF) checks,

  • Repairs, and sign-offs,

  • Hydraulic repair for hoses and fittings,

  • Auto electrical work and diagnosis, full fleet servicing for diesel vehicles and heavy machinery,

  • And total rebuilds and reconditioning for any type of diesel engine.


Trust GTT for all your diesel mechanical needs.

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